A jargon-free approach to legal services is adopted in order to help resolve issues in a timely and cost effective manner.

Time will be taken to understand you as an individual and advice will be provided as to what outcome will suit your needs. Johnson and Boon solicitors act for clients from all over the UK on a regular basis and are able to arrange for you to receive representative at any Court hearing.

When faced with a legal problem it is important that you seek early credible advice to ensure that matters do not worsen or escalate.

Johnson and Boon offer a free initial telephone consultation to discuss your case with you and advise as to what steps may be taken to progress matters. This allows you to understand what will be involved in your case prior to deciding whether or not to proceed with your case.

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Tenancy Deposit Claims

Have you rented a property at any time since 2012?
Did you pay a deposit?
Was the deposit correctly protected as required by law?
When a Landlord receives a deposit from a Tenant in relation to an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, then they must deal with the deposit in a specific way:

Firstly, within 30 days of receipt of the deposit, the Landlord must protect the deposit within one of three government-backed schemes. ยท Secondly, the Landlord must provide the Tenant with the required prescribed information and a scheme leaflet confirming the whereabouts of the deposit.

If this process is not correctly followed the Tenant has a claim worth up to three times the value of the Deposit against the Landlord.

If you believe that your tenancy deposit was not protected as required by law, contact Johnson and Boon solicitors.

Using the details contained within your tenancy agreement we can establish whether you have a claim within minutes.

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When operating a business you need to ensure that you are adequately protected prior to disputes arising and seek immediate legal advice when disputes do arise. There many firms of solicitors in Runcorn and Nationwide. This can make choosing the correct solicitor to assist you a confusing and time consuming task. At Runcorn Solicitors we provide a free initial telephone consultation in order to provide sufficient information to allow clients to make an informed decision when instructing us to deal with their case.

A divorce is not something that anyone plans to have to go through however unfortunately relationships breakdown and it becomes inevitable. For many people the divorce process appears to be a confusing and frightening proposition. At Runcorn Solicitors our aim is to provide to our Runcorn client's sufficient information regarding the process to remove such confusion and provide comfort at what is a very difficult time. Our divorce solicitors covering Runcorn provide a free initial telephone consultation to allow us to provide to you an outline of what is involved in the process and also to establish that you have sufficient grounds for the divorce.