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Almost everybody has been guilty of speeding at some point. Many speed deliberately, but there are lots of others who simply find themselves distracted, and their speedometer creeps up without them noticing. Speeding is without a doubt the most common offence that people commit while on the roads, and the penalty – points on your licence – mean that you are at risk of losing the right to drive altogether. Even if this doesn’t happen, you are still at risk of being fined, and once you are convicted of a speed offence, you will find that your car insurance rises dramatically.

Of course, you should always obey the speed limit when possible, but if you do find yourself being caught above the speed limit, then you will need expert help with your case.

We have plenty of knowledge about the equipment used by the police to monitor driver speeds. It is important for us to learn about new technology as it develops, as this means that we can work with you to build the best possible defence.

At the moment, there are a number of ways in which the police can tell if you’re speeding, and this includes laser detection, average speed cameras and speed guns. The average speed cameras in particular are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the fact that drivers cannot just slow down when they see the camera in order to avoid a fine. There is a lot of research to suggest that laser devices are the most accurate when it comes to recording speed.

Careless / Dangerous Driving

Careless / Dangerous Driving

There are a range of offences that fall under this category. Some kind be minor, but many are major offences. If you are convicted of careless driving related to certain offences, you may automatically lose your licence.

Careless driving, or a section 3 offence, can be defined as driving that is not of the standard expected of those who have safely passed the UK driving test. This can include things such as being too close behind another vehicle, not taking note of the markings on the road you’re driving on, being responsible for a crash, or failing to stop when instructed to do so by either signage, traffic control, or a police officer.

If you are hoping to overturn your conviction, then the main issue is always whether the prosecution are able to actually prove their case against you. This could include information given by other witnesses to the scene, or evidence taken from your vehicle, for example damage that occurred as a result of your driving.

Dangerous driving, a section 2 offence, is more serious than careless driving, and includes those who are way below a safe standard of driving, where that low standard is clearly obvious to other road users.

Offences that fall under this category could include driving at a speed considerably higher than the limit, using the wrong side of the road, or racing another road user.

Drink Driving

Drink Driving

Thanks to the fact that so many people are injured – and cause injury to others – while driving under the influence of alcohol, this offence in particular has received a lot of attention from Scottish Police forces. At certain points of the year, for example Christmas or during major sporting events, there are campaigns to help people to understand the dangers of driving under the influence, and to try to cut down the number of people who choose to do so. An increase in social responsibility has meant that the number of people convicted of drink driving has fallen, however there are still many who are on the wrong side of the law in this respect. Recently, the law has been changed, and this means that drivers aren’t allowed to have as much alcohol in either their breath, blood or urine as they may have been able to have in the past.

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I protested my innocence on this one from the start. It seemed it would be an easy case for the prosecution but I took my chances and was found not guilty. Blackwater Law had been recommended to me and I am glad I took the trouble to instruct the firm. They consulted with me before trial and I couldn’t have asked for more in court. Top class service start to finish.

I was prosecuted after having a very bad accident on the motorway. The first thing that went through my mind was the thought of losing my licence, and the idea of that was devastating.

What a relief when I found out about Blackwater Road Traffic Lawyers. They were so dedicated and helpful towards ensuring that I stayed on the road. Thanks to their help, the incident was found to be unavoidable and so I got away without any points on my licence.

Would highly recommend Blackwater road traffic lawyers.

Where i'm located on my job, I'm required to drive long distances every single morning. I was pretty worried when I found out there was a possibility I could lose my license after being charged with dangerous driving.

Thanks to Graham and his fantastic team I got let off with just a few points on my license. Thanks Graham!!