QualitySolicitors are the UKs No 1 legal service. With branches nationwide, QualitySolicitors are different to traditional solicitors firms. Plain speaking and approachable, QualitySolicitors solicitors understand your needs. They promise: no hidden costs, first consultation free, same day response and direct lawyer contact. Contact QualitySolicitors now for the best possible help with your legal matter.

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  • Derbyshire

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  City Alfreton
  Postcode DE55 4JH
  Address Shane House, 157 Nottingham Road, Somercotes
  Phone Number 0845-075-4050

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Disputes are not pleasant. When two parties have a disagreement, it can often result in damaging behaviour and allegations. No one enjoys falling out but sadly, it happens. At QualitySolicitors, we work with you to find the best outcome - a resolution that avoids undue unpleasantness, unnecessary costs and prolonged anxiety and worry.

Customer Testimonials

A huge thankyou to Debbie Kelly and her team of conveyancing you lot have been amazing your dedication to amazing service and care has been incredible. It's been a long road but you have always had the answers to any issues that cropped up and yes there was a few including freehold / lease issues. But we are all moved now thankyou for looking after us over this past year and a half.

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From Our Website

We're a leading network of expert legal firms who provide a fresh, modern approach to the way people see solicitors. Our aim is to ensure our customers get practical legal advice and services in a way that's accessible, convenient and uncomplicated. Whatever your legal issue, we have a comprehensive depth of expertise in personal and business law, and with over 100 branches countrywide we're sure you'll find a local specialist lawyer who can guide you towards a positive outcome. Our website provides a useful first stop for essential information about the law and then, when you're ready for face-to-face advice from a lawyer, we can offer Free Initial Assessment to get you started.

QualitySolicitors is a network of local law firms; the largest in the UK. We're dedicated to providing the highest quality legal advice and expertise for our customers, but in a way that's far friendlier, more accessible and clear-talking than you might expect from a law firm. As a QualitySolicitors customer you'll deal directly with a lawyer who won't baffle you with legal jargon. You'll deal directly with a lawyer who will quickly and efficiently keep you 'in the loop' every step of the way, with regular contact, using regular everyday language.

When you're looking for practical legal advice and services, you want to be sure that you get a specialist professional that can really guide you towards a positive outcome. That's why simply contacting the UK's largest network of legal firms, with our wide-ranging specialist legal knowledge and attentive customer service, can instantly bring you peace of mind. Our specialists can help you with personal and family law matters including divorce, no-win no-fee personal injury claims, mediation, putting into place financial arrangements with other people, making sensible arrangements for children, what to do if you (or someone you know) is a victim of abuse, and what to do if you're facing unmanageable debts.

Finding a business solicitor you can trust for the kinds of business law issues that can arise when you're trading brings peace of mind, leaving you time and resources to get on with what you do best. So many business owners contact QualitySolicitors because the depth of expertise you can get from the UK's leading network of law firms can really make a positive difference to how you do business. Acquiring (or disposing of) a business requires strong legal support to protect you from any unexpected issues that may arise.