Peter Browne Solicitors are a small non-specialised high street firm dedicated to providing a high-quality, low-cost, service to ordinary people with legal problems. With our conventional solicitor service, we act for you. We take on cases and see them through on your behalf. We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and have been awarded the Law Society's Lexcel quality mark. We believe our hourly fees are lower than most larger firms.

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  • Bristol and surrounding areas

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  Address 48 Gloucester Rd Bishopston
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There are thousands of people who have messed up their credits. Thus, they are stuck with several financial problems. Those who believe they can still come out of that mess on their own try to repair their own credit. If you wish to do the same thing, you have to be careful. You might make the situation worse. There are people who have proven that they can get out of their financial problems by just repairing their own credit. They might seem inspiring, but you can't expect to have the same fate.

How to file an occupational injury is probably something you need to know at some point in your life. Accidents can happen anywhere, and while most accidents occur on the road, there is a significant amount of injuries that occur in the workplace. If you suffer an injury at work, you will need a claim for damages to reimburse your medical bills and your wages. Here are some useful tips to remember when you need to know how to file accident at work claims. Inform your employer that you have been injured to alert them.