We are a specialist family law company with a base in Hertford, Hertfordshire and in the City of London. We offer a professional service, which is both flexible and affordable, to those going through a marriage or relationship breakdown, to parents with issues or concerns about children, and couples who wish to formalise their partnership or marriage arrangements.

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  • London, Hertfordshire

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  City City of London
  Postcode EC1A 4EN
  Address 16 St Martin's le Grand
  Phone Number 020 7956 2740

Customer Testimonials

It is not often within today’s society that relationships become personable particularly within conventional law firms. Unfortunately not only was I about to embark on the most difficult journey of a divorce, but I had also lost my mother only four months before my partner of six years walked out. It was so important for me to find the right solicitor, knowing that my best interests were at hand and that I was receiving the best advice. Slavica was always transparent with her terms, I knew what my costs were up front and I was able to ask as many questions as I needed to. Slavica was not only patient with the same questions being asked time and time again due to the stress I was under, but she had a great sense of humour often making me laugh and affirming the strength I had as a person.

She was able to strike a professional balance yet have an ability to be humane and supportive. She has a phenomenal ability to deal with people and made me feel like I was in control and that what I was going through was normal and the feeling I had at the time would not last forever. I did not just feel like a number or another client, the personal attention taken, the long telephone calls, the emails of encouragement meant so much. I cannot thank her enough for her encouragement, support and professionalism. I know that she left a print in my mind that I would not hesitate to recommend her to friends, family or business associates now or in the future. Slavica was no doubt very much part of my healing process and her advice, encouragement, assertiveness, organisation and support was invaluable.

Thank you Lynn. A long and hard journey but thankfully over. Thank you so much to you personally for all of your help and support. The lovely voice at the end of the line, always there, always willing to help. You made that journey just that little bit easier.

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From Our Website

We understand that people lead busy lives and are not always able to find time during working hours to deal with legal issues. This is why our service is flexible, allowing us to work around your schedule. Our office hours are 9.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday. We also offer evening and weekend appointments to our clients. We offer Free Consultations within office hours only.

Dealing with the breakdown of a marriage is hard enough, but it can be overwhelming trying to understand all the legal issues that arise too. The decisions that you make during your divorce can affect you for a long time so it is important to obtain proper legal advice. There is only one ground for divorce in this country and that is that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. If you issue divorce proceedings you are called the Petitioner and your spouse is called the Respondent. It usually takes about six months to finalise a divorce but it may take longer, especially if you and your spouse have family assets to divide.