Rouse & Co. International offers a global intellectual property consultancy through its regional practices in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and India, China, and South East Asia. We provide a full range of intellectual property services, from the implementation of global investigation, enforcement and protection strategies, to the provision of commercial IP services, including filing, research, management and data protection.

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Rouse prides itself on its quality and professionalism, but we have also always dared to be different. We don't believe that all firms should be the same. That's why we'll always challenge the traditional way of doing things if we think another way is better. It also means we don't just advise on the law - in many countries we help define and shape it. We have a practical, pragmatic and "unstuffy" approach, with teams of professionals who work closely together across functions and geographical borders in a non-hierarchical, creative and results-oriented environment.

In 1975, just 17% of a company's value was held in intangible assets. By 2015 this had increased to 84% and can only have increased since then. Having advisors who understand the interplay between decisions on IP and its impact on corporate value is vital. When wanting to bring your products or services (leveraging on brand or technology as core competitive advantage) into a new market, particularly China, businesses must have a broad and detailed understanding of the commercial environment and have control of their intellectual property to ensure that the ever changing commercial and government expectations are met.

While we represent clients from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, we focus on serving technology companies seeking long-term, value-added relationships with us. With over 100 patent agents, attorneys, and technologists representing all major technical disciplines we write, prosecute and resolve patent disputes either by way of litigation or arbitration. We enjoy the detail of patenting an invention as much as inventors and offer a multidimensional perspective by incorporating our learnings from patent litigation and licensing into patent prosecution e.g.

As new industries emerge from convergence new players appear as traditional industries are redefined. Problems stem from the increasingly fast pace of innovation creating anxiety around convergence and value in businesses, many times in the form of intangible assets, can become lost or hidden. Where, when and how do companies create value and maintain competitive advantage for customers in a converging industry? Customer values are unlikely to be created in the same place or same way. Traditional KPIs will not be measuring the right things.

We are among a handful of firms with extensive expertise in protecting, promoting, and enforcing Geographical Indications. We can ensure your valuable rights are protected beyond mandatory filing and registration. We are recognised as experts in this relatively new field of IP. We have extensive expertise in protecting and enforcing geographical indications (GIs) and can work with you to ensure your valuable rights are protected. Nowadays consumers are paying more and more attention to the place "of origin" of products.

We provide a wide range of legal and consulting services to clients from all sectors. Our experts help businesses thrive and evolve with time through tailored advice that meets their unique requirements. As companies across the world face the pressing need to mitigate risks while continuing to evolve and seize the opportunities, we provide bespoke services that help drive maximum value from your intellectual assets and minimize risks.

We advise some of the most valuable multinational brands on the development of offensive and defensive trade mark strategies. Our trade mark professionals work as an integrated team: no matter where you are or where you need support, there is always someone with the right blend of local experience and industry knowledge to meet your needs. Many of our trade mark professionals have both in-house and private practice experience. We see this as a major advantage. By working in client teams, we are able to effectively manage your portfolio such that one or more contact person is available to you at all times.

Having a deep understanding of your intangible assets and how they can be harnessed to maximise value for your business is key. Intangible assets behave differently in fast moving markets, driven by different legal, regulatory, political and commercial landscapes. Our intellectual property consultants help you derive maximum value from these assets in China and South East Asia to the Middle East.