maloco + associates is a trading style of MalocoMooreMarshall, Solicitors and Estate Agents. Based in Dunfermline and Falkirk - we provide a One-Stop-Shop for all your property needs. We can also advise on wills, trust and executry work. Everyone at maloco + associates is committed to the principles set out in our Vision Statement. In fact, you could say we're a bit obsessive about them! Only when a client tells us we achieved our goal are we happy.

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  City Dunfermline
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  Address 6 Bonnar St
  Phone Number 013 8362 9720

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We believe in doing the simple stuff well. Good quality communication and innovation are the main stay of our success. Property movies, 3D floor plans and personalised sales schedules were all first brought to the market by us and most recently our unique "Pay What You Want" commission product. Doing these things has seen us sell more property in the Dunfermline area (KY11 and KY12 post codes) than any other ESPC agent for nine out of the last ten years ( 2006 - 2016 inclusive ). This year properties sold by us have achieved an average of 101% of their asking price and 98.9% of their home report value.

First Memory: Drenching my grandfather with ice cold water from a hose as he sat bare chested in the family ice cream factory one summer cleaning intricate parts of the refrigeration unit and then running in blind panic as he screamed in shock! When did you last laugh: Went to see Josh Widdecombe at the Alahambra Theatre here in Dunfermline a few weeks ago and had a really good laugh. Second time we've seen him. Principal Tasks: Providing a vision, drive and support to an exceptional staff; undertaking domestic conveyancing on behalf of clients; devising and directing marketing and PR initiatives; strengthening and developing both the brand and the ethos I want to be identified as the "maloco way" and on occasions making the coffee (You can take the boy out of the caf etc!).

Most people think about making a will at sometime or another but many never get around to actually doing it. To help we have put together this simple guide that cuts through the legal jargon and if nothing else points you in the right direction. The most convincing argument for writing a will is to look at what could happen if you don't. Everything you leave, "your estate", will go to your next of kin/husband/wife/children/or any blood relative. Partners and close friends do not count. You will not have any say in who gets what and if you don't have any close blood relatives then your entire estate may go to the Crown.

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that appoints one or more trusted persons to take over the management of your affairs at a time when you are unable to make decisions yourself. This could involve decisions about your financial affairs or about your personal welfare. It can happen to any of us that we lose our mental faculties, whether by injury or disease. Everyone should consider granting a power of attorney to a trusted family member while they can still make the decision to do so. Once a person is no longer able to understand and sign a power of attorney, then it is necessary to make an application to the court to manage their affairs, which is a more expensive and time-consuming process.