We are a commercial law firm. We specialise in contracts and contractual deals in business. The principal is Dick Jennings. The firm's main office is on the main road into Malton, just off the A64 and a short walk from the TransPennine train service. Jennings & Co. also operates from Leeds and is a member of the Leeds Law Society. We believe in delivering value for money, in full transparency of our fee calculations, and in giving you estimates or binding quotes for our fees wherever possible.

Serviced Areas

  • York

Contact Details

  City Malton
  Postcode YO17 6AX
  Address 47 York Rd
  Phone Number 0870-011-8155

From Our Website

We are based in the lovely market town of Malton, North Yorkshire, but have clients all over the north of England, and London, and are happy to travel. Our principal is Dick Jennings, a full-time specialist company and commercial lawyer of long experience. We are solicitors. That means that we are professionally trained, and highly regulated, to offer top quality service with an over-riding emphasis on putting the client's needs first at all times. We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority in accordance with their published Standards and Regulations, to a high standard of professional ethics.

We handle contracts of all kinds, with suppliers, customers, employees, funders, or commercial agents; for big one-off deals, repeat contracting on standard terms, complex supply chain management, franchises or licences. We have experience of most sectors and are used to dealing with complex regulatory situations, IP rights, international aspects, competition law issues and more. Our principal, Dick Jennings, has been a contracts lawyer all his career, trained in one of the City of London's top commercial law firms and with experience of every kind of contracting since then.

We have been working for over 14 years, on a consultancy basis, with many law firms across Yorkshire and further afield. We treat each firm as simply a client of ours with full client privileges, but charged at a discounted fee rate. They charge our consultancy time on to their clients, at full normal rate. The firm makes a profit, while the client pays no more than had they come to us directly. And since we do no work whatever other than corporate, we are not a competitive threat to the law firm.

OMB owner/managers are often faced with as many issues as much bigger firms, but with slimmer resources. It is vital that they have a good, stable, team of professional advisers - people they can trust personally, not on the fixed staff overhead but there when needed. Such relationships are the heart of our client-base. We advise on all aspects of day-to-day, tactical and strategic management, including the tricky problems when directors, shareholders or partners cannot agree. We specialise in shareholder/partnership agreements, which raise tricky issues of long term goal, ultimate exit planning, control, minority protection, financial return and discipline.

You only get one chance to sell and it may be the biggest investment realisation of your life. Managing the whole process right, from the start, is essential. You need to both optimize your realisation and shrewdly manage your risk, while getting the deal safely done. That takes a professional team with the right skills, the right commercial nous, and the right attitude. You are buying invisible legal rights, and all-too invisible legal liabilities and risks. It's not easy. Many acquisitions fail to happen.

We are a niche company and commercial law firm. We don't handle any other work. But we have strong working relationships with other true experts, as specialised and skilled as we aim to be. These are people that we choose to work with simply because they are good - we have never paid, nor received, a referral fee of any kind. So where we can't help you, we will do our best to put you in touch with people who can. Please feel free to ask.

We believe business skills need to drive any legal project, and we believe business managers want, and need, to integrate effective management of legal rights into everything they do. Our principal, Dick Jennings, trained in economics as well as law, spent several years on the fast management tracks of two major UK corporates (Guinness, then Rowntree) and is a full member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply. He has lectured on the management of legal risk and on the purchase of legal services.

Our principal, Dick Jennings, has been active in corporate finance for nearly forty years. He has worked on corporate finance deals in the City of London, internationally and regionally, for big corporates, investors, lenders, owner-managers and businesses of every shape, size and sector. I've got to say at this point Dick, the only reason why I work now is for sheer pleasure and fulfilment (and the consequent pleasure the spoils afford) and nothing gives me more pleasure than a job well done, working with you is a truly inspiring experience, thank you.