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Road Traffic

Horsman Solicitors have a wealth of experience in representing clients in all Road Traffic Offences, both in the Magistrates and Crown Courts.

Such cases that come before the courts, range from speeding allegations, drink-driving offences, to more serious dangerous driving charges.

Nearly all road traffic offences can result in penalty points and/or disqualification.

Our firm can put forward various legal arguments, such as Special Reasons in law, that allow Magistrates the discretion not to endorse your licence with penalty points, or disqualify you from driving.

As a general rule, if any Road Traffic Offence means you will end up with 12 points on your licence, then the Court will look to disqualify you for a minimum period of 6 months.

Our Road Traffic Solicitors can put forward the legal argument that such a ban will cause you to suffer exceptional hardship, therefore allowing the Courts discretion to reduce that length of ban, or impose no period of disqualification, at all.

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Anyone arrested at a POLICE STATION when asking for Horsman Solicitors, is entitled to Free Independent Advice irrespective of your income. This is due to our firms experience, quality controls and contract with the Legal Aid Agency. If your friend or a family member is detained at a Police Station, you can also call us to represent them. We are always at Brighton Police Station. If you have been bailed to go back to the Police Station at a future date, again we can attend with you. It is crucial to obtain advice in person from Horsman Solicitors, as to any potential evidence against you, before answering any questions from the Police.

In the Magistrates Court, if your income is over 12,475.00 per annum, your application for Legal Aid will be subject to means testing by the Court. This requires you providing proof of income, savings, assets, housing costs, etc, to the Magistrates Court. If your case remains in the Magistrates Court, the Court may refuse you legal Aid, if your income exceeds the prescribed limits. If your case goes to the Crown Court, the Court Service will determine if your Disposable Household income exceeds 37,500 per annum.