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  Address Ground Floor Cannon Kirk, House 64-66 Stuart Street
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Road Traffic

Healey Colbon has very substantial experience in this area and the team, headed by David Healey are always there to help. David has been specialising in road traffic law for over 30 years and is usually the point of contact and reference by commercial firms of solicitors in the area to look after their clients. He has also spoken and advised on road traffic law and other areas on local radio.

We give realistic legal advice, recognising that Legal Aid is rarely available and that our fees need to be realistic too.


Our office in Luton is sited immediately opposite both the police station and the court for the convenience of our clients. In Stevenage we are less than 100 yards away from both. That is not coincidence. It is in recognition of the fact that clients need immediate help and access.

We are fortunate enough to have the highest regarded advocates in the area which means that our own client following is higher than that of any other firm. Our clients do not come from advertising or from flooding duty solicitor schemes with newly qualified and inexperienced solicitors. Our following comes from reputation, from recommendation and from seeing us in action. This reputation has meant that we have been able to attract the best quality solicitors to join us. The number of advocates that we have also means that we are able to choose the right advocate for the right job.

Crown Court

Crown Court trials are all really about good, thorough and tenacious preparation. We have an experienced team of Courtney, Susan and Dawn who deal exclusively with Crown Court Preparation to ensure the best possible results. They in turn are able to instruct specialist barristers and in-house higher court advocates to conduct the hearings and we have very close relationships with the bar.

Customer Testimonials

In was wrongly arrested and charged with something when I have never been in trouble with the police before and I faced time in prison for it. I would have been taken from.
my partner and children just because the police were trying to cover something up that had nothing to do with me. Healey Colbon got me a fantastic barrister alongside Courtney who was preparing the case and getting everything ready and luckily beat the charge. My life would have been completely ruined. This firm is absolutely fantastic, listen to everything you say and ask anything they are on sure of plus more. If anyone is ever in trouble I would strongly recommend using healey colbon they are amazing.

From Our Website

When you do have contact with any of our partners or staff, you will be dealing with someone with experience. We don't practice in any other areas of law. Our solicitors specialise in one thing and one thing only; looking after clients accused of criminal offences. That includes a very wide spectrum of course, whether it's driving without a licence you're charged with or murder. We have a phenomenal record of client satisfaction from the surveys that we send out at the end of each case. Most importantly, we know that clients appreciate us because of the recommendations that they refer to us on a daily basis.

Healey Colbon opened in 2005 but our partners have specialised in criminal law for too many years to mention! They were formerly partners in other local practices and came together because they recognised that they could offer more to clients as a team than they could previously. Since then they have gathered to them the best of the advocates, police station representatives and case workers in the area. We are more often solicitor of choice to those needing help than any other local firm because of our commitment to the client and our expertise in all areas of criminal law.

The police can arrest, question and charge children as young as 10. We are perfectly aware that this can be an extremely difficult time for everyone involved. We will not talk down to you, and we will provide the expert advice and help you need. If your case is too serious to be dealt with in the Youth Court, we can represent you in the Crown Court. Healey Colbon have a number of highly experienced Higher Court Advocates who will be able to assist you from the outset until the conclusion of your case.

Motoring offence allegations affect more people than any other type of criminal law. Our solicitors have between them, decades of experience and are able to offer the expert service you need to protect your licence. We can arrange an initial fixed fee appointment of 100.00 plus VAT in order to discuss your case with you. We will quote you for any further costs involved in representing you, giving you credit for the money you have already paid. Please see our 'Costs and Private Funding' section for further details.

However, if legal aid is not available either because it is an offence which does not attract legal aid, or because you are not financially eligible, we will discuss how you can fund your defence privately. This fee will be greater if we need to travel out of our area in order to represent you, or if it is a more complex case. We will quote a fee for Magistrates' Court and Crown Court work based on the hourly rates quoted above. This fee may change depending on the complexity of proceedings and the length of time they take.

This was a high publicity case known as the 'Blue Lagoon Murder'. We were approached for advice by six of those arrested in this case. At the trial in Luton Crown Court we had the only Defendant to be acquitted of the charge of murder.