Specialist solicitors advising businesses worldwide on intellectual property law, licensing of software and software protection.
We review business contracts to ensure they are fit for purpose, and advise on exposure to legal risk.

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  • Intellectual Property
  • IT Law
  • Software Law
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  • Law Society of England And Wales
  • Society for Computers and Law
  • British Computer Society
  • Solicitors Regulation Authority

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  • London, UK

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  Person Leigh Ellis
  City Blackfriars
  Postcode EC4Y 1DH
  Address 89 Fleet Street
  Phone Number 02070369282
  Mobile 07766488284

Business Representative

Leigh Ellis

Hall Ellis Solicitors

Leigh Ellis is a degree qualified software engineering and solicitor. He compelted a Master degree in Intellectual Property Law and has advised businesses for over 18 years.

Products & Services

Contract Law Legal Advice

Contract Law Legal Advice

If you're trying to close a deal and not take legal advice, which might take longer, then that might be the biggest mistake you've ever made. Don't fake it. Don't use a template, it might not be applicable.
The things you say in conversations for legal support may pull you down a certain avenue that you can't get out of. Sometimes disclosure of certain things can limit your options further down the line.
Having someone with the foresight to be able to see the possible outcomes as a result of disclosing certain information is very important.

London Dispute Resolution Solicitors

London Dispute Resolution Solicitors

Instructing solicitors can be empowering because you know what you can and can't say or what you should and shouldn't say in disputes.
You have the tools to be able to approach a problem in the optimal manner.
We're able describe legal problems in a language that business people understand.
We'll steer you on the path that is optimal, and will not put you in a weaker position going forward.

IT Law

IT Law

If you're selling to small businesses where they don't want to engage a lawyer or can't engage a lawyer. You lose the business.
If you have a transparent business idealology you're good.
Cryptic, lengthy or one-sided contracts do not fit the modern business models and methods. You're dealing with middle managers, senior executives, company founders. They're the people who are reading through the contracts to decide whether they can enter into it or not[, rather than “sending it to legal”.
If it’s a bad IT contract you lose the business.
We provide expert legal advice in IT Law and information technology contracts.

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