We are professional yet approachable, with each partner a strong leader in their chosen specialist areas. Over the years we have expanded our range of services to meet the needs of the local area to develop a thriving, well known legal aid and private practice.

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I just wanted to thank you Monika and thank you for your professional handling of my case. I will recommend your firm with 100% honesty to anybody. I have lots of respect for you and the work that you have put into my case. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for all of your support and attention during this extremely protracted divorce and settlement. Thank you for all your help with dealing with everything. You've been a star! I really appreciate it and have always found you to be professional, accessible and understanding in what has been a very difficult couple of years for me.

We are proud to say our team have accumulated over 300 years working at EDS. That doesn't mean we are legal dinosaurs, but rather people with a wealth of experience in a wide range of legal services. We've seen numerous changes in the delivery of legal services as the law constantly evolves. But one thing remains constant; people's desire to seek trustworthy, cost effective, face to face legal advice where and when needed. Based in the heart of North Warwickshire and Solihull at EDS we are well poised to do just that.

Others recognise that for no other reason but old age, a time may come in the future when they will no longer be able to make their own decisions. For all concerned, the appointment of a Power of Attorney can give certainty and peace of mind to all as to their intentions. Equally important, it can avoid conflicts and misunderstandings arising in the future. Richard Holt can advise and support throughout the process to help give effect to the important decisions to be taken. What if someone close to you suffers a life changing injury and loses their mental capacity to make decisions either personal or financial?

Our property team at EDS are strongly poised to help ensure all matters progress smoothly with an excellent reputation developed locally for fast, efficient transactions with excellent communication and face to face contact. The team strive to ensure you are kept updated at all stages of the process and promise to talk to you in language you understand avoiding legal jargon. Crucially, our team are local in the office when you need to talk to them or need advice on any issues as they arise. Call us old fashioned, but we don't believe in good client service being offered by long distance call centres and anonymous representatives when it comes to property transactions.

With many years of experience, we can offer advice on a wide variety of problems which individuals and businesses face arising out of contractual, statutory and negligence claims. As experienced practitioners, we have the technical skill and ability to get the job done.

It's very easy to put off the making of a will until another day in the busyness of modern life. But take a moment to think about what this could mean for loved ones and dependants close to you. At a time of the loss of a loved one, the last thing you would want is for your family and dependants to be left in a position of uncertainty or financial insecurity, particularly if you have children. By making a will you can give certainty as to your intentions and appoint a Legal Guardian for your children where appropriate.

John Derry has been protecting people's rights and providing rigorous defences to criminal proceedings for over 30 years. His down to earth approach and deep rooted sense of justice makes him a very popular choice in this field. With experience in all criminal problems ranging from minor road traffic matters through to the most serious of allegations John has extensive experience representing people in police stations, magistrates courts, crown courts and where appropriate, The Court of Appeal.

So many of us spend such a large proportion of our lives at work either in the role of employer or employee. Unfortunately employment relations do not always run smoothly and can be the cause of tremendous stress and anxiety for all concerned. Whether you are an employee with an issue arising from your employment or an employer seeking advice on your legal obligations, we are able to help.