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Our Employment Law Solicitors can help with a full range of Employment Law Services. Below are some introductory links to the aspects of employment law which we can help you with:

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Employment Law Edinburgh can provide advice and assistance with all areas of employment law. From helping employees negotiate an exit deal with a settlement agreement to fighting employees' corners in Employment Tribunals across Scotland, Employment Law Edinburgh are here to help employees with every aspect of employment law. Our trusted team can also provide strategic advice to help you through challenging times, such as grievances, disciplinary proceedings, investigations, bonus disputes and more.

If you have suffered race discrimination in the workplace, we understand how distressing this may be for you. You may also have suffered financial difficulty, or feel concerned about returning to the world of work. Our solicitors can help you move forward. Employment Law Edinburgh is powered by Thompsons Solicitors, and we have many years of experience in helping clients bring claims for race discrimination in the workplace. We only work on behalf of employees, fighting for their best interests and helping them get their working lives back on track.

If you need age discrimination advice Edinburgh, we can help. Our team of dedicated solicitors have excellent experience in dealing with age discrimination claims and can provide the information and support you need. We will take the time to understand your specific circumstances and the impact the discrimination has had on your career, your finances and your personal wellbeing. All of our team members are understanding, empathetic and experienced, and we can help you get your working life back on track.

Successive decades of employment law legislation have been passed by Parliament with a view to protecting employees from unscrupulous employers. Workers now have significant protection within the workplace and remedies available should a workplace issue arise, or if termination of the employment relationship occurs in unfair circumstances. Our site provides guidance for employees on a number of employment law areas affecting employees such as discrimination, redundancy and unfair dismissal. At Employment Law Edinburgh we routinely advise employees on all manner of workplace disputes and difficulties.

The concept of Equal Pay in the UK has been protected in the UK for a long time. The latest piece of legislation, the Equality Act 2010, affords the greatest protection for Equal Pay in the workplace. The legislation requires that where employees are involved in "like work" or work that is found to be of equal value in terms of the effort or skills involved, employers must give men and women exactly the same treatment including the same rate of pay. If you are an employee and you think that you are not receiving equal pay that you are entitled to, the team at Employment Law Edinburgh may be able to help you.