At Criminal Lawyers Glasgow, we offer professional, legal advice in a range of criminal offences including crimes of violence, drug and sex offences, and domestic abuse cases. Our team of expert criminal solicitors are fully committed to representing your case in a professional manner to give you the best possible result from your case. It’s what makes us one of the best criminal solicitors and defence lawyers in Glasgow.

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Products & Services

Crimes of Violence

We are able to represent you in cases of violent crime in anything ranging from minor assaults to more serious crimes such as murder.

If you need help in defence from charges of common assault, murder, attempted murder, culpable homicide or assault to severe injury, we can help you.

Drug Offences

Because it is not legal to carry drugs in Glasgow, yet there are still many who choose to do so for recreational purposes, there are many cases which are taken to court which regard drugs. In many cases, these involve people who you would not normally expect to be associated with crime, and if you find yourself being charged with drug offences you may find it scary and daunting.

Domestic violence charges

When it comes to domestic violence, there are many variables that need to be taken into account, and as a result of this it isn’t always easy to come to a conclusion that everybody agrees with.

We can help you to work through the evidence to push towards the outcome that you are hoping for, and we can also help you put anything like restraining orders in place for the duration of the investigation.

Our team have a huge amount of experience in this sector, and can help both victims and the wrongly accused to get the outcomes that they deserve.