Bright Case International Consulting Group & Law firm is one of Bright-Europe Group. This includes European Institute for International Law & International Relations (EIIL). Thus we guarantee the excellence for our clients through our working method based on academic & scientific environment beside professionalism. An international law firm represented in around the world, Bright Case International consulting Group & Law Firm has helped shape the globalization of the legal prfession for more than many of decades though its team.

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  City City of London
  Postcode EC2M 1QS
  Address Level 17, Dashwood House, 69 Old Broad Street
  Phone Number 442 0323 91

From Our Website

Bright Case International focuses on Legal, Financial, Strategic, Security, Intelligence, and Decision Influence practices. We are counsel to Governments, Companies and Individuals engaged in international business. We draw on our extensive experience and deep expertise to help our clients resolve international disputes and to advice on legal and commercial issues with an international dimension. Bright Case International offers one of best International legal, financial and strategic services in wide range of geographic areas in the world.