Bathgate Family Law Practice is a firm of solicitors which specialises in all aspects of family law, including, divorces, separation agreements, residence orders, contact orders, interdicts & exclusion orders, adoptions and Children's Panel appeals. We accept instructions on a Private or Legal Aid basis.

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When you require legal advice, you need a time served practitioner who can help with a range of services. At Bathgate Family Law Practice we can help with everything from divorce hearings to Children's hearing disputes. Call us today, and find out how we can help you. At Bathgate Family Law Practice we always believe in treating every client as an individual and keep you fully informed at all times. Our approachable solicitors build long-term relationships with a friendly service and dependable legal advice.

If you have separated from your spouse or partner, one of the first things you should do is enter into a Separation Agreement (often known as a 'legal separation'). It is essential that a Separation Agreement be in place if you intend to sell the family home or have it transferred from joint names into the name of one of you. In all other cases, a Separation Agreement is strongly advisable. We can help you firstly to negotiate an agreement and then to draw up the Separation Agreement itself. You can apply for a divorce in Scotland if you or your spouse has resided in Scotland during the last twelve months.

If not (or if your circumstances have changed since you made one), you may wish to take advantage of our Will drafting service. Anybody aged 12 and over can make a Will, but almost 3 out of 4 people in Scotland do not make a Will. Not only can this leave behind a good deal of distress and confusion for loved ones but also, if you die without a Will (intestate), there are certain rules which dictate how your money, property or possessions will be allocated. This may not be the way that you would want your money and possessions to be distributed.

Here at Bathgate Family Practice we are able to offer legal assistance on a Legal Aid basis for a wide range of matters. PLEASE NOTE: If you and your spouse/partner have any money of property to divide, we are no longer able to accept your instructions on a Legal Aid basis. Firstly, the rate of remuneration offered by the Scottish government to solicitors who carry out Legal Aid work is insufficient to cover our overheads in cases where there is money or property to be divided. Secondly, recent changes to the Legal Aid 'clawback' provisions make it increasingly unlikely that your final account will actually be paid by the Scottish Legal Aid Board.