We are a firm of solicitors who specialise in Divorce, Finanical Settlements, Domestic Violence and Children Matter so issues related to Residence and Contact. We have a head office in Cheltenham and meeting rooms in Glouceter and Worcester. Please call us FREE on 0800 6125 134 / 01242 222201 or 01452 524729. We offer a FREE first appointment either face to face or by telephone. Call us today to arrange your appointment.

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As experienced family law solicitors, Family Law Consultants advise on all aspects of family law whether you are thinking of getting married, or contemplating leaving your partner our experienced solicitors can help you. At Family Law Consultants we can take care of your divorce and related matters, such as financial settlements or disputes involving children. By concentrating on family law we can provide you with a friendly yet efficient personal service with the aim of reducing a stressful and confusing time.

Going through a divorce or facing up to unresolved issues about the care of your children is tough. The last thing you need is a solicitor who won't communicate clearly with you. At Family Law Consultants in Leamington Spa, our solicitors are friendly and approachable. At a confusing and uncertain time, they deliver practical advice with sensitivity and clarity to clients in Leamington, Coventry and the surrounding areas. We have personal experience with divorce and have learnt valuable lessons from going through the process: We know that our advice will have an impact on almost every aspect of your family life - so we don't just see ourselves as formal legal advisors: We offer personal support as well, helping you address practicalities such as day-to-day living arrangements and how to meet living costs while your divorce is being finalised.

At Family Law Consultants we offer a number of Fixed Fee packages. This is where after the initial meeting and having individually assessed your circumstances we can usually offer you a fixed price payable at the start of your case, for a certain course of action, for example a fixed fee divorce or a fixed fee to attend a hearing that you have been ordered to attend. If the way forward isn't straight forward and your case requires negotiation or things are uncertain as to exactly what you want, we will recommend our hourly rate charging, which we like to refer to as "pay as you go".

Lisa is a Consultant for Family Law Consultants and qualified as a Solicitor in 2010. She is an experienced matrimonial and family solicitor specialising in all areas of family law. She regularly undertakes her own advocacy enabling her to fully support each client all the way through the legal process. Lisa advises both husbands and wives on all areas of matrimonial law. She has a vast amount of experience in relation to applications for financial orders on the break up of relationships including pension sharing.

As an alternative to our fixed fee packages why not "pay as you go" and receive a monthly bill, together with time printout clearly setting out the work carried out on your behalf and our charges for legal work. When calculating our charges for legal work done, each hour is broken down into 10 units, each unit being 6 minutes long. Time spent with you for example during meetings or at Court (will be charged at 1 unit per every 6 minutes) e.g. if you have an appointment with one of our Family Law Solicitors lasting 36 minutes, you will be charged for 6 units of work.

A separation deed is a legally binding contract between you and your partner setting out how you are going to divide your finances. Separation deeds suit a variety of people and circumstances for example you might not be married but want an agreement recording how you spilt your joint assets at the end of a relationship. Another common scenario is where neither party feels that the have grounds for divorce but they wish to record how they intend to divide the martial assets and create a clean break.

Divorce is a legal process ending the contract of marriage. However, it is very important to us that you understand at the start of your case that a Divorce will not deal with the division of your house, assets, income, pensions etc. To deal with your matrimonial finances you will need to instruct us to represent you in this regard. As solicitors, we call this process Financial Remedy. Work done with regard to financial remedies is normally charged at an hourly rate. However, in order to simplify the charging process for you and to make matters as cost effective as possible we have formulated a package price for those of you that already have an agreement.

Mark is a Consultant for Family Law Consultants and qualified as a solicitor in 2006. He is an experienced Family Solicitor who specialises in all aspects of Family Law. He will seek from the outset of your case to understand what your concerns are and what issues need to be resolved. As a family law solicitor, Mark offers specialist advice in relation to issues that arise when couples separate. He will ensure that you have a full understanding of the procedure involved in relation to your case, whether that be the divorce procedure or how to go about obtaining a financial settlement; including Lump Sum Orders, a Property adjustment Orders or orders concerning the division of pension funds.