American Attorney Services is a niche legal practice based in Langford Bristol and providing USA legal services to UK residents. This firm has experience in representing UK clients in US immigration matters, in buying property in Florida, in dealing with probates with Florida assets, bring or defending claims in the Florida state and federal courts, etc. Should you need US legal services, ensure you take legal advice from a qualified US attorney. Florida and Ohio attorney Kevin Burke would be happy to assist you.

Serviced Areas

  • England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland

Contact Details

  City Bristol
  Postcode BS40 5NU
  Address At Yeowood Farm, Iwood Lane, Wrington Bristol
  Phone Number 01934 837280

From Our Website

Being a boutique firm, we are committed to our individual private clients and our corporate clients. Having an international outlook, we provide our personal attention to our British, Irish, American, European, and other international clients in both domestic and cross-border legal and notarial matters around the world. By way of example, we help residents of England & Wales in drafting wills, in setting up business entities, as well as setting up Florida corporations, limited partnerships, and other types of business entities.

There are two forms of identification required. You would need (1), one form of photographic identity document (such as a valid passport or valid photo driving licence, and also (2), one form of proof of address document (such as an original home utility bill, original bank statement, original letter from the NHS, original letter from HMRC, any of which would need to be dated less than three months old). The notary will need to be provided the document or documents which need to be signed. The parties who may be receiving the completed document(s) may require one or more apostilles (normally a stamp from the relevant nation under whose laws the document is notarised).

There is no one legal system in the USA. Instead, there are 51 separate legal jurisdictions in which a lawyer might practice law, such being the 50 different US state legal systems and the national federal court system. Each state requires a lawyer to be admitted before being able to act in that state. Most lawyers are qualified in only one state. Please note we cannot assist or provide legal assistance in the 48 US states other than Florida and Ohio save for work which all US lawyers can perform irregardless of whatever state the work would be performed.

We have dealt with complicated business and real estate litigation matters to help protect our client's rights. By way of example, a few years ago, we were contacted by a UK resident couple who had never visited nor had any connection at all to the USA. This UK resident couple had found a US legal complaint on their doorstep after returning from a holiday. This was a complaint brought by a US bank for foreclosure of a Florida property supposedly owned by them. Our clients sought to convince the lawyers for the bank that they had nothing to do with this, had no knowledge of this property, and that another British couple had been fraudulently using our clients' identities in purchasing the property with a US mortgage.

Who can UK residents and foreign nationals turn to for legal assistance in US matters? It is not always easy knowing whom to turn to for legal assistance in the UK for UK legal matters, never mind when you may need assistance or advice in relation to foreign legal matters. For UK businesses and individuals who need USA legal assistance, it can be difficult knowing where to start. Generally, you are going to need to find a lawyer (which term in the USA is synonymous with attorney, attorney-at-law, or lawyer) to determine whether he or she can help you.