We offer advice, information and support on all family law matters. We provide a professional service as well as maintaining a personal and individual relationship with every client. We welcome any enquiries from new clients and look forward to hearing from you.

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Products & Services

Marriage, Separation & Divorce

It is becoming more and more common, particularly as people enter into a second marriage, for them to take legal advice prior to marriage. We are happy to advise on matters you may wish to discuss in relation to the legal implications of marriage.
Divorce can be a highly stressful and emotional time for a client and we will always provide expert advice as well as a sympathetic and personal approach.
In Scotland, divorce is granted on the breakdown of marriage based on unreasonable behaviour, adultery, one year separation with consent of the other party or two years separation without consent.
Where there are no children of the marriage under 16 years old and financial and property matters are resolved, it is possible to raise a divorce action using a Simplified Divorce Procedure which is quick and cost effective.

Civil Partnership, Separation & Dissolution

Recent changes in the law have allowed same sex couples to enter into a Civil Partnership. We offer advice on the legal implications of entering into a Civil Partnership.
We are also happy to advise civil partners who are separating and are seeking a dissolution of their Civil Partnership. This is a process which is very similar to divorce for married couples.

Parents & Children

We are happy to advise clients on matters regarding residence and contact, and making parenting arrangements for their children. This ensures that the parent and child relationship is maintained on separation or divorce.

Family Mediation

Alexis Hunter is a Family Law Mediator accredited by the Law Society of Scotland. Family Mediators are independent and therefore do not act directly for one person. Mediation assists separating couples to work out a solution to their difficulties whether relating to children, financial matters or both. Family Law Mediators require many years of experience in family law and undergo specialist training in mediation.
Mediation is seen as a less adversarial and useful alternative to Court as it is a cheaper option that enables you to direct the process and decide the outcome.
You will still need court involvement for an undefended divorce or dissolution after you have resolved issues using Family Mediation.

Collaborative Family Law

Alexis Hunter is a member of the Scottish Collaborative Family Lawyers. We are happy to discuss the option of Collaborative Family Law with you. Collaborative Law offers a way of resolving difficulties regarding children and financial matters arising out of separation without using the Courts. Parties agree that they will not litigate and instead negotiate matters between themselves and their solicitors.
You will still need court involvement for an undefended divorce or dissolution after you have resolved issues using Collaborative Family Law.